The Student Nurse's Guide To The Internet!            Fall Semester, 2008
on campus

Health Care Related

Advanced Research Corporation:  Information on Cancer

Arterial Blood Gas Analysis

A Selection of Letters Written by Florence Nightingale


Chronic Wound Healing

Cumulative Index of Nursing and Allied Health (CINAHL)

Clinical Pharmacology Online

Continuing Education Programs (NurseWeek/HealthWeek)

David Baldwin's Trauma Info Pages

Death and Dying

Diversity RX

Drug InfoNet

Emergencies and What to Do About Them

Emergency Nursing World

Gero Web

Global Health Network

Harvard's Biomedical Library

Health Resources for Parents

Healthcare, Education, Learning, and Information Exchange


HealthWeb:   Nursing

Heart Sounds

Hepatitis Information Network

History and Physical Checklists (Physical Assessment)

Hospice Hands

Hospice Web

Human Anatomy Online




LUMEN:  Structure of the Human Body

Lung Sounds

Martindale's Health Science Guide


Merck Manual

Military Nursing Network

NANDA - North American Nursing Diagnosis Association

Normal Arterial Blood Gas Values

Nurse's PDR Resource Center

Nursing and Allied Health Resources


Onco Link

Pathology Laboratory Handbook

Pediatric Critical Care Medicine

Pediatric Nursing

Pharm Info Net


Primary Care Internet Guide:   Nursing

Resource Bibliography in Cross Cultural Nursing

RN Central

The Cochran Collection

The Heart:  An Online Exploration

The Heart Center of Lafouche

The Heart Preview Gallery

The Merck Manual of Geriatrics

The Nightingale Server of the University of Tennessee

The Nursing Network

The Nursing Theory Page

The "Virtual" - Nursing Center

The Visible Embryo

The Whole Brain Atlas

Transcultural and Multicultural Health Links


UTHSCSA Trauma Home Page

Virtual Nursing College

Virtual Hospital

Webster's Death, Dying, and Grief Guide

Whole Nurse

Women's Health Resources

World Wide Nurse

Wound Care Information Network

Yoga Nursing Care


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