The Student Nurse's Guide To The Internet!            Fall Semester, 2008
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Research Tools

Looking to do research on the internet? See our Search Engine Tips if you are looking for a specific piece of information. For more general searches, we have included these helpful links below. Good Luck!

Internet Nursing Links
Find out what is going on in the world of nursing.
Associations/Organizations   |  Employment  |  Government  |  Publications/Journals   |  Health Care  |  Nutrition  |  Patient Oriented

Fast Facts
Additional links you may to research.
Almanacs | Calendars & Time  | Computers | Dictionaries & Thesauri | Directories of People & Places | Electronic Texts | Encyclopedias | EntertainmentGrammar & Style | Languages | Libraries of Data | Magazines | Miscellaneous | News Sources | Politics & Gossip | Quotations | Shopping | Sports | Statistics | Travel | Weather | Weights & Measures

State Boards of Nursing
Contact Information, Web Sites

Poison Control Centers

[AL] [AZ] [CA] [CO] [DC] [FL] [GA] [IN] [KY] [MA] [MD] [MI] [MN] [MO] [MT] [NC] [NE] [NJ] [NM] [NY] [OH] [OR] [PA] [RI] [TX] [UT] [VA] [WV]

Online Drug Reference- A handy searchable information source for researching a wide variety of prescription and over the counter drugs.

Disease Briefs-A collection of brief fact sheets about a wide variety of diseases and illnesses. Works best with Internet Explorer.


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